Your CTO desk

Your unicorn "Human" CTO desk revamped.

Providing unrivalled artisan built products with tailor made solutions for your need

Remote (DOT) Simplifies your business needs by providing a backbone support for day-to-day technical needs of an emerging startup or a Fortune 500 company.

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Developer pool

Cherry picked high quality developers for projects to build the best solution while keeping process optimised.

Multi Coverage

Developers from different backgrounds to cater all project needs in an elegent and efficient way.

Let's work together!

Power Consultation for emerging brands.

Reduce cost while improving efficency. With process optimised and learned from Lean, Remote (DOT) helps teams to reach goal without wasting valuable development time.

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Hours Optimised

I tried many teams before settling with remote. They were fantastic and knew how to reduce our cost and we're now on market.

Barbara W. Duff Product owner - MulGrain LLC.

They supported us on our journey and helped us to build an awesome PoC for our Series A

Timothy Fowell Yesper Network